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Thermal insulation using sprayed rock wool.

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Thermal insulation by rock wool projection are continuous and homogeneous coatings, without thermal or acoustic bridges, and can be applied in a single layer until the required level of insulation is achieved.

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What is thermal insulation?

It is the set of materials and installation techniques applied to a structure to minimise heat transmission to other elements or spaces.

Their great flexibility and adherence allows them to adapt to any type of irregular surface without producing cracks or fissures.

These coatings are made with mortars based on mineral wool, hydraulic binders and additives. They are applied by dry pneumatic spraying with specific machinery.

Advantages over polyurethane:

– Rock wool has an A1 reaction to fire compared to polyurethane solutions with a C reaction to fire.

– Rock wool has a higher acoustic absorption coefficient (between 0.7 and 0.75) than polyurethane (around 0.40).

– Compared to Polyurethane, in this case, it avoids the need to cover the walls, foresee stains outside the building site, etc.

– It has a longer ageing time due to exposure to UV rays, unlike Polyurethane which needs an additional layer of protection.

Its great flexibility and adherence allows it to adapt to any type of irregular surface without producing cracks or fissures.

Our thermo-acoustic insulation technicians have more than 30 years of experience in the installation of insulation systems, fireproofing, anti-corrosion treatments and passive fire protection.

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