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Fire compartmentation

Fire compartmentation is one of the fundamental elements in the passive fire protection of a building.

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Fire compartmentation

Enclosures: Fireproof plates and panels are used to provide a building with fire resistant systems: ventilation ducts, fire doors, etc.
Fireproof seals: used for fire protection, they prevent fire, flammable gases and high temperatures from passing from one area to another in the fire sector of the building through the openings of the installation passages. In fire compartmentation it is mandatory to seal all types of openings, penetrations, cables and pipes.

Firewall strip – Perimeter strip

Ventilation ducts

Sealing of installation openings

Ducts with plate

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Structural fire protection

This is made up of elements or products (paint, projection mortar and plates) that are applied to the load-bearing structure (pillar, beam, support, load-bearing wall, false ceiling, slab, enclosure) of the building, in order to increase its fire stability.

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Fireproof sealing – Compartmentation

Sealing of openings and passages of installations in order to guarantee compartmentalisation and prevent the spread of fire.

Expansion joints in walls and slabs, joints between construction elements with the function of sectoring elements that require solutions that offer the same fire resistance.

Sealing solutions:

  • Intumescent coatings Mortars
  • Collars
  • Pads
  • Acrylic or silicone mastics Foam
  • Intumescent strips
  • Panels
  • Grilles

Sectoring elements requiring solutions offering the same fire resistance.

The main objective of fire sectorisation is to stop the progression and spread of fire by means of solutions that comply with regulations. For any questions regarding passive fire protection, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at ENESA CONTINENTAL.

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