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Leading company in Passive Fire Protection – fireproofing, anti-corrosion treatments and thermal insulation.  


Passive fire protection - Fireproofing

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Fireproofing. Passive fire protection

Intumescent paint
Flexible rock wool mortar
Perlite and vermiculite rigid mortars


Contact us and we will inform you about ENESA CONTINENTAL services related to fireproofing and passive fire protection.

Fire compartmentation

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Sectorisation is one of the fundamental elements in the passive fire protection of a building.

Anti-corrosion treatment

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Enesa Continental is a company specialising in the application of technical paint systems and anti-corrosion treatments for a wide variety of installations, whether new construction or maintenance.

Coating inspection

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Enesa Continental is a company specialised in the application of technical paint systems for a wide variety of installations, whether new construction or maintenance.

Shot blasting - Booth and site

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Smoothing of surfaces or removal of contaminants by high-pressure abrasive blasting with steel shot.


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Application of rubber-based, vulcanised or bonded corrosion protection coating on metal surfaces to protect them from abrasive or corrosive environments, liquids, abrasive or corrosive products

Thermal insulation

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Thermal insulation using sprayed rock wool.

Wood treatment

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Enesa Continental has a technical department made up of professionals, specialised in architecture, engineering and biology, and with extensive experience in the sector, in the rehabilitation and treatment of wood in order to propose the best solution for the recovery of damaged wood, achieving its structural consolidation.

High pressure water jet cleaning – Waterjetting

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Surface cleaning by means of high-pressure water jetting (Water blasting – Waterjetting).
Achieving excellent results, time and cost savings, as well as low impact on the environment.


Enesa Continental is approved by the main manufacturers and industrial companies as a service provider for the electrical energy, water, oil and gas sector.

ENESA’s greatest asset is the people who make up the company, all of whom have extensive experience and specialisation in the Passive Fire Protection (PPCI) and Anti-Corrosion Treatments sector.

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