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Industrial painting company specialising in fireproofing – Passive fire protection.
Fireproofing of industrial buildings.

The Fire Safety Regulations for Industrial Establishments (RSCIEI) require the protection of industrial installations and buildings against fire, in order to provide greater safety.

Therefore, when building or refurbishing an industrial building, it is necessary to apply these regulations, providing each of the structural and construction elements with the fire protection specified in the Regulation.

BUT NOT only to comply with the law, but the fireproofing of our industrial building will limit the spread of fire in a fire, allowing the structure to withstand high temperatures, obtaining a safer environment for the evacuation of people, as well as for the extinction of the fire, in addition to minimising damage to equipment and goods.

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Fire protection in buildings and industrial buildings

Flame retardant paint – Intumescent

  • Intumescent
  • Ablative


  • Rigid Mortars
    • Perlite and Vermiculite
  • Flexible Mortars
    • Rock Wool


Fire Protection in Petrochemical and Off-Shore Plants

A. UL Intumescent Epoxy Paint
B. UL Mortars

Fireproof mortars. Types: Flexible and Rigid



  • Economical for high fire resistance.
  • Easy to clean in case of splashes.
  • Flexible material that absorbs expansion and small movements.
  • Wide variety of tested solutions.
  • Improved thermal and acoustic insulation.



  • Economical for high fire resistance.
  • Wide variety of tested solutions
  • Ease of repair due to detachments
  • Better impact behaviour

Intumescent Paint

Intumescent paints are thin-film, solvent- or water-based coatings.

They provide effective fire protection for up to 120 minutes (R-120) on structural steel beams, columns and hollow sections in cellulosic fires.

Quickly repaired when the protective layer is affected by knocks and scratches. Due to its reduced thickness, its incidence on the overload is null.

It respects the design of the elements to be protected. Intumescent paints are suitable without a topcoat in enclosed spaces with very low corrosive atmospheres. In open and exposed spaces with medium corrosive environments (up to C3 according to ISO 12944) a suitable topcoat is required. This topcoat can be of a specific colour according to RAL-colour chart.

Corrosion protection is a fundamental factor since
it ensures the correct protection against corrosion.

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